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We pledge to only use sustainably sourced seafood, whether it is farmed or wild caught.


Our restaurant also features a large vegan menu.


If raw sushi isn’t your thing,
we also offer cooked fare.

If nothing on the menu catches your eye or you have special dietary needs, our sushi chefs will be glad to make a special for you according to your preferences.


Because its the right thing to do.

Aonami is Chico’s first and the nation’s 10th sustainable sushi bar. We pledge to only use sustainably sourced seafood whether it is farmed or wild caught.

Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch

We follow Monterey Bay Aquarium’s lead and guidance as to what we can use in our sushi bar. It is our goal to continue to learn and improve as a restaurant for the future of our oceans.

All of the fish used in our restaurant is wild caught or farmed in a sustainable manner. We only used fish that are not on Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Red List or Avoid List.

Sushi Chefs

We have gathered in our kitchen, the best sushi chefs in the area. Come and let us prove it to you.

Jimmy Lee

Chef/Owner Jimmy first came to Chico as an 18 year old college student. Graduating from CSU, Chico and earning his teaching credential at CSU,Sacramento, Jimmy taught Algebra for four years. But, as much as he loved teaching, it wasn’t his true calling.

Jimmy quit teaching to get a master’s degree in counseling, but needing money, he stumbled upon his true calling: making sushi. 15 years after Jimmy’s first move to Chico, he came back to the City he loves to share his passion for sushi.

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Aonami Sustainable Sushi
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